Apple’s .Mac system maintenance this weekend has caused widespread problems with iDisks, according to MacMinute readers and reports on the .Mac discussion boards. “People who went to sleep on Friday with functional iDisks (like me), woke up on Monday with empty local iDisks,” writes John Wolff. “For most, their data is gone–replaced by empty folders. Perversely, deleting the local iDisk returns access (and a view) of one’s data on the Cupertino servers–but virtually every subsequent attempt to synchronize a local iDisk via the Preference panel yields empty folders on the local Mac. Adding insult to injury, the .Mac Status lights for iDisk have returned to ‘green’ (after a brief acknowledgment of ‘orange’) yet problems continue for most, with no resolution or posted explanation in sight. Emails to the .Mac support team remain unanswered, and calls to Apple support simply reroute users to the emailing the mute .Mac support team.”