Press Release


Copypaste the one and only award winning multiple clipboard editor/archival
utility was released today with a major new feature called yType. yType
adds typing acceleration, instantaneous spell checking, word prediction,
typing logger, inline equation solving that works in any application. Now
with yType, CopyPaste has become a whole new breed of application that
allows you to do less and accomplish more.

CopyPaste is the digital hub for clipboard material and now in addition to
the clipboard manangement it has yType for typing acceleration. CopyPaste
by itself is incredibly useful but with yType it becomes essential (see
yType features below). It is easy to use, saves time and allows you to do
less and accomplish more. That is why along with iKey and iClock, Copypaste
is one of the 3 essential utilities for every person using Mac OS X.

For more information and to download and try out the new version go to:

New features in Version 2.5.3
– Auto Corrections can be turned off temporally by pressing any of the
modifier keys (i.e. shift, option, ctrl, capslock, command)
– Languages in yType can be switched by hotkey combination. Press
command-Y-# to select the language. Numbering starts with 1 at the bottom
of the language menu.
– Two new hotkey are introduced to show the palettes. The Clip Sets palette
is shown by ctrl-alt-command-c, and the Clip Recorder palette is shown by
– a new command to import TypeIt4Me data bases is located in the “File”
menu under “Edit Dictionaries”
– A new icon button in the floating toolbar to show and hide invisible

Bug fixes
– Corrections of the behavior of yType.
– Many corrections to the English Spellchecker file
– Many Additions to the English AutoCorrectorData file thanks to user input
– Bugfixes in the Editor which led to crashes
– Speed up the Editor.

The 6 new features which are the basis of yType are:

1. yType checks every word for spelling and can instantly correct common
typing errors and frequently misspelled words automatically. ‘hte’ becomes
‘the’, ‘adn’ becomes ‘and’.

2. yType learns as you type and then recommends words from its growing
database. We call this typing prediction. yType makes suggestions for words
based on the frequency of use. You can accept the suggested word by hitting
the space bar twice (the yType typing expansion hotkey). This types the
whole suggestion for you, saves time and improves accuracy.

3. yType lets you create specialized databases for different tasks medical,
programming, foreign languages that can aid you in typing in those areas.
More dictionaries are available on the site. Also dictionaries can be
created by using CopyPaste and then submitted to us for public use.

4. yType lets you keep boilerplate text at your fingertips. Create a
mnemonic for a block of text then just type the mnemonic and the spacebar
twice to insert it. You can type two letters and hit the spacebar twice to
get a sentence that is 250 letters long and spelled perfectly. Lets assume
you assigned “ss” as a mnemonic for the ScriptSoftware URL. In this case
typing ss and the spacebar twice inserts
“” which might be used all the time.

5. yType lets you type equations inline in any document and view and insert
the answer. No more need to use a separate calculator program

6. yType Type Logger can remember everything you type even if your Mac
freezes or the power goes out. Never lose your work again.

Users rave about CopyPaste here:

Along with iKey and iClock, Copypaste is one of the 3 essential utilities
for Mac OS X.

More info on CopyPaste can be found on the Script Software site.


“I curse Apple for not enabling me to copy more than one item at a time.”
But praise be to generous programmers. CopyPaste’s nifty text-processing
tools let you shift case, tab, or insert text files, pictures, and sounds
into a clipboard – the floating palette keeps track of what’s where. Even
neater is the clip archive, which drops copied items into a folder on your
desktop – fabulously convenient for online researchers.”
Debbie Elkind, Wired Magazine

CopyPaste is one of those “must-haves” on my Mac and it just got even
better! I’ve been using it since System 7 and would be lost without it. Now
it even does what my old Thunder, aka SpellCatcher, used to do…and much
more. 5 stars.
Abeal on

“You’ll find that CopyPaste is wonderfully tiny and, like most of my
favorite shareware utilities, it has a shy personality — you can send it
away and it will discreetly return at your beck and call.”
Cathy Begien, Macworld Magazine

“CopyPaste: A Godsend For Power Users & Novices Alike “This is a
handy-dandy little program. It offers much for the experienced user, but
there are aspects of it that would be very helpful to the novice.”
Nancy Carroll Gravley, The Mac Observer

“The only utility to which I’ve remained true is the ever-lovely *
CopyPaste from the wonderful folks at Script Software. * CopyPaste offers
you 100 clipboards to which you can paste essential bits and pieces of
documents, URLs you need and just about anything you want to store and then
use again.”
Peter Wilson, Vancouver Sun Article