FileMaker plans to release a v3 updater for both FileMaker Server 7 and FileMaker Server 7 Advanced in early March 2005. The company said that the v3 updater will fix the known stability issues with FileMaker Server, which a small number of customers have reported. “All known cases occurred with complex and/or large applications, under heavy load (>50 concurrent clients). FileMaker does not believe these stability issues will affect the majority of our customer base,” the company said in a statement. The v3 updater will also address reported connectivity, or “deafness” issues in FileMaker Server 7 Advanced. Lastly, the v3 updater will include improvements in configurability and administration for both products. FileMaker said that customers who are experiencing any stability or connectivity problems should immediately contact their FileMaker Sales Rep, or FileMaker Technical Support for assistance.