Softchaos previews new Webstractor features at Macworld San Francisco

New features enhance internet browsing by enabling multiple web page
monitoring, keyword monitoring and data collation

Softchaos, a provider of productivity enhancing software for the
professional and intensive Macintosh user, today announces that it will be
previewing Webstractor at Macworld San Francisco at booth 710. Webstractor
1.5 adds a personal web robot, allowing users to catch up with interests in
their own time and at their own convenience.

Reza Farhad, CEO, Softchaos, says: “Technology innovation and
implementation moves at an incredible rate, yet the way that we use the
internet has remained static, one page at a time. Webstractor changes this
and enables us to monitor multiple pages and keywords simultaneously, but
more importantly it lets us format and collate this plethora of
information. Webstractor revolutionised the way that Mac users browse the
web. Webstractor 1.5 builds on this functionality by adding an advanced
feature set.”

New 1.5 features
Webstractor 1.5 offers a whole new set of controls and capabilities. Users
can now monitor a web page for updates and automatically capture it into
their Webstractor document when a change occurs – or perhaps only when
matching keywords are detected.

For example, Mac users can monitor a number of sports pages for when their
favourite team is mentioned. When Webstractor notices an updated web page
with a reference to the team, it will capture a ‘snapshot’ of the web page
and add it to the Webstractor document. Even if the website subsequently
changes before surfers have had a chance to look at it, the information
won’t be lost.

About Webstractor
Webstractor allows users to easily capture and create a document from
multiple web pages and edit it as simply as if using a standard word
processor. No technical knowledge is required.

Students, teachers, researchers, hobbyists – anyone who uses the internet
to gather information – can:

automatically capture web pages as they browse
visually navigate using thumbnails
re-order the browsed content
browse a no-nonsense list of links and automate the capture of multiple pages
instantaneously search pages visited
keep multiple captures of the same page over time
edit pages
crop to keep the content needed
format content for the printed page
add content from the hard drive
compose a document from different Web pages with a table of contents
share findings
System requirements

Mac only

PowerPC G4/800 processor and higher
256 MB of RAM
Mac OS X 10.3.x and higher

Pricing and availability
Webstractor 1.5 will be available in the first quarter of 2005. Webstractor
1.1 is available now from Softchaos’ distribution partners or online store,
for a recommended retail price of $79.99.

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About Softchaos Limited
Softchaos provides market leading productivity enhancing software for the
professional and intensive Macintosh user.

Drawing on the combined talents of an award-winning team with years of
Macintosh programming, marketing and design expertise, Softchaos strives to
create well-designed productivity and utility software aimed at satisfying
the needs of today’s information intensive demands.

Softchaos’ first product, WorkStrip for Mac OS 9, was released in May 2001
to critical acclaim. The latest version, WorkStrip 3 supports Mac OS X
10.3.2 (Panther), and adds a host of new features to this award winning

Softchaos is headquartered in Soho, England, at the heart of London’s
media-land and entertainment centre.