Ojai, CA, January 11, 2004 – New Company, New Alliance, New Product!

FMNEXUS announces the release of its cross-platform solution, Account
Manager(TM) 1.0. Account Manager(TM) is a tool to help database
administrators manage user access more efficiently.

“FileMaker Pro 7(TM) is a fantastic new product, and the security model is
a huge improvement,” said Vincenzo P. Menanno, President of FMNEXUS.
“Account Manager(TM) extends this power by giving the database
administrator the ability to manage access to an unlimited number of
databases, even if they are on servers in remote locations.”

Account Manager(TM) simplifies the administrative process by allowing
account management on any number of databases without directly modifying
those databases. Granting or removing access is simple, and administrators
can easily grant users access to the same database with different
privileges–using the same account information, but assigning different
roles. Account names can still be used, to clearly identify the changes a
user has made–and access can be removed as quickly as it is granted.

Account Manager(TM) facilitates many other account management functions.
Minimum password length can be enforced, as well as requiring a user to
change their password every X number of days. Access can be granted to a
set of users on a temporary basis–and Account Manager(TM) will
automatically disallow access when the account has expired.

Account Manager(TM)’s filtering capabilities enable you to find an account
quickly among any number of users. Account Manager(TM) also allows you to
broadcast messages to users, alerting them when a particular FileMaker
server or database might be inactive, so they can plan their work

Account Manager(TM) also enables you to directly import users and
automatically notify them via email. It keeps track of every login, making
secure auditing a breeze. While importing, Account Manager(TM) also keeps
you informed of its progress with the help of the wonderful 24u Simple
Dialog plug-in from 24U Software ( Comprehensive
reports are also available for nearly every facet of Account Manager(TM).

Perhaps best of all is that Account Manager(TM) comes completely unlocked
with an unlimited-user license, enabling your in-house FileMaker database
developers to extend the solution to better suit your company needs. Users
who purchase 50-250 user licenses get limited access, to create new layouts
and new scripts.

“Account Manager(TM) allows you to manage access to any number of FileMaker
servers and databases. You can quickly set up accounts for any number of
users, with whatever access privileges are necessary. But what is really
great about it for us is that an unlimited-user license comes completely
unlocked. This will allow us to customize Account Manager(TM), as needed,
for our clients. It also empowers our clients’ local database
administrator: when we leave, we know that they’ll be able to manage their
own accounts, quickly and easily.”
–Rich Coulombre, President, The Support Group

Pricing for 25 users is $389.00. Call to order the license for the number
of users that is right for you. We also offer an educational discount of
30%, and a 20% discount for FileMaker Solutions Alliance members who need
to integrate Account Manager for their clients, thus empowering their
clients to manage their accounts.

“Here is a new must-have utility for every serious user of FileMaker 7:
Account Manager(TM) from Vincenzo Menanno and FMNEXUS. No need to think
about this. Trust me. Buy it.”
–Mike Harris, Cern=E9 Systems. Inc.; Chair, DIGFM

To purchase today please call 510.835.4483, or visit our web site at for detailed information and a demo

With this release comes a new alliance for FMNEXUS as well, with beezwax
datatools, the Oakland, California-based consulting firm which will be
fulfilling sales, supporting customers, and providing expert consultation
and development to help you integrate it into your database solutions. Our
alliance allows FMNEXUS to focus on delivering more great products.

FMNEXUS is the creation of Vincenzo P. Menanno–founder of Waves in Motion=
author of Analyzer 4.0 and Dragon Web Surveys, and designer of many
FileMaker plug-ins. Vincenzo has spoken at many FileMaker Developer
Conferences, and has also authored the online training “Learning FileMaker
Pro 7” for

With a solid and very knowledgeable team to support this new product, we
look forward to empowering developers and managers with tools to help them
become more efficient and effective.