Micromat Announces DiskStudio(TM)

SANTA ROSA, CA – January 6, 2005 – Micromat Incorporated, makers of the
TechTool Pro disk repair utility for Macintosh, have announced a new hard
disk utility titled DiskStudio.

The company states that DiskStudio allows Macintosh users to change their
hard disk partitioning scheme without the need to reinitialize and erase
their hard disk. This means that users can now easily alter the way
information is stored on their hard disks as their needs change over time.

DiskStudio user Norman Nager states, “Because I’m using more hard drive
space than I had originally planned for documents, photos and music, it’s
great to have the freedom DiskStudio gives me to change the architecture of
my hard drives.” And from Joe Bailey, “A really slick, and quick, way to add
or remove partitions non-destructively. Beats anything I have used before on
either the Mac or the PC.”

According to Micromat, DiskStudio can:
* Add new partitions to a hard disk without the need to reformat.
* Delete partitions previously created by DiskStudio or Apple’s Disk
* Erase and reformat existing partitions in a number of standard formats.
* Completely erase and repartition an entire hard disk.

Example uses for DiskStudio include:
* Installing a new copy of Mac OS X, while keeping the original copy intact.
* Installing a completely different operating system, such as Mac OS 9, on a
new partition.
* Creating a partition to hold special projects.
* Creating a partition to hold scratch space for programs such as Adobe

Pricing and availability:
The program is available through select dealers and resellers worldwide or
directly from Micromat, Inc. The suggested retail price is $50.00. For
additional information, please contact press@micromat.com.

About Micromat, Inc.
Micromat pioneered the Macintosh diagnostic software market in 1990 by
introducing the very first commercially available Macintosh diagnostic
program, MacEKG(TM). Since then, Micromat has helped millions of Macintosh
users repair their computers, retrieve their lost data, and keep their
systems running their best.