Boston, MA – January 5, 2005 – Macintosh Consultant, Ilene Hoffman would
like to announce that the ONLY comprehensive source of events for Macworld
Conference and Expo, San Francisco 2005 is ready for your perusal. The
(in)famous Hess Memorial Macworld Events and Party Page is overflowing with
special events, parties, training, and book signings. The free music agenda
alone is amazing.

All companies, user groups, and web sites are requested to please email any
corrections or additions to ilenesmachine-at-comcast.net as soon as
possible. Please also register on Ilene’s Machine for the Ilene’s Machine
Sporadic Newsletter related to the show and other Macintosh diversions.

Link to the Hess Memorial Macworld Events and Party Page at:

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Now in its tenth year (17th show), the Hess Macworld Events list is *the
only* source for every event and press function held during Macworld
Conference and Expo week in Boston and San Francisco. Banner advertisers
and user contributions are welcome to help support the site. Please help
support the list by clicking the contributions link in the yellow box on
the Hess Memorial Macworld Events List. My dog thanks you. It is your
chance to be seen by thousands of Macintosh buyers.

These pages are made possible by Ilene’s dancing fingers and your generous
support. Special thanks to Bare Bones Software and Digital Forest who have
supported these efforts for the longest time. Please support the
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Hess Macworld Event Site Comments:
— Thanks for the years of party lists. – Macguys

— “Ilene’s Macworld party list is the ultimate guide for Macworld events.
…. I personally find it invaluable in helping me maximize the use of my
time at an expo. ” – John Welch, MacTech Magazine

— “The Hess Memorial Party List is the best venue for connecting to those
busy executives with whom you need to partner and drive business.” –
Suzanne Smith, VP Business Development, Expand Beyond, Chicago, IL.

— … readers note that “the Hess Party Events list is an excellent
resource for Macworld Expo events.” (MacNN)

About Ilene’s Machine
The author, Ilene Hoffman, is a Macintosh/Internet Consultant and writer.
Ilene’s Machine is the newsletter started while doing live conferences to
keep people informed of a grab bag of offerings. The Hess Events List was
adopted when the original author, Robert Hess, passed away in 1996. It is a
memorial and tribute to his hard work in the Macintosh community. Services
are delivered free, which is why donations and banner ads are solicited.