pro Fit 6.0.0

December 13, 2004 — QuantumSoft today released pro Fit 6.0.0 for Mac
OS X. This is a major update of QuantumSoft’s popular tool for the
analysis and presentation of numerical data and mathematical
functions. The update provides numerous new features, such as:

* Quartz rendering of drawings and plots, built-in support for PDF,
PNG and TIFF formats, improved EPS export, hatching, tranparency,
multi-line text labels.

* Built-in support for color plots, contour plots and box plots,
dynamic updating of plots when the underlying data or function has
been changed.

* Unicode support.

* Multiple Undos.

* Text documnents with unlimited size and syntax coloring for
functions and programs.

* Functions with multiple return values.

* Improved fitting algorithms with automatic initial parameter guessing.

* Updated plug-in architecture with XCode support.

A more detailed list of new features can be found at

The update is free for anyone who bought pro Fit since January 1,
2004. For all other users of pro Fit 5.5 or 5.6, the upgrade is USD
55. A full license is USD 95. Multi-user licenses are available at
reduced rates.

pro Fit 6.0 — short description
pro Fit 6.0 is a powerful tool for the analysis, processing, plotting
and evaluation of numerical data and mathematical functions on Mac OS
X. It comes with a spreadsheet editor for handling numeric, date and
time, and alphanumeric data sets of millions of rows and columns; a
drawing editor for creating high quality graphs and presentations;
powerful curve fitting and data analysis tools; a built-in
Pascal-based compiler with complex and matrix data types for defining
new functions, data-transform algorithms and macros; a source-level
debugger for your function and program definitions; a plug-in for
creating 3D graphs using OpenGL; import filters for KG, HDF, JCANP-DX
and many other data formats; the possibility of saving function- and
other animations as a quicktime move; and more. It provides a context
sensitive help mechanism, is scriptable and recordable with Apple
Script and Pascal commands, and supports many of the latest
technologies introduced with Mac OS X.

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