Mac Users can finally enjoy protection for affiliate links with Macfilink

Hobart, TAS — 10 December 2004 — Dejal Systems, LLC and Beyond
Midnight Software today announced the release of Macfilink, their new
affiliate cloaking software designed to stop thieves from stealing
affiliate commissions.

A common problem online for web site owners who promote affiliate or
referral programs (like the one Amazon offers) is that people who
know what they are doing can easily steal commissions. Some estimates
suggest up to 30% of affiliate commissions are lost in this way.

Windows users have been able to protect their affiliate links for
some time, using specialized software designed to “cloak” the
affiliate link. Now for the first time Mac users have a tool that
combines the same level of protection for their affiliate links with
features not found in most Windows tools.

Macfilink allows Mac users to hide their affiliate link from prying
eyes, making it much harder for a visitor to steal the web site
owners commission. This way, they earn the money they have worked
hard for.

Users of Mac OS X 10.3 (or later) can take advantage of the
protection Macfilink offers. All that’s required is they have their
own web hosting account.

Macfilink is extremely easy to use. No knowledge of HTML or FTP is
required, although experienced HTML authors have total flexibility
over how they use the cloaked links.

The protected links can then be confidentially used as a link on the
web site, in an email – anywhere a URL is normally used. Best of all,
every link is remembered by Macfilink. Changes or updates to a link
can be made with just a few clicks.

Jason Anderson, a developer of Mac software, founded Beyond Midnight
Software in Australia in 1994. Anderson discovered just how common
affiliate theft was when marketing his own programs on the Internet.
After finding no solutions for the Mac that offered the features he
was looking for, Anderson teamed up with Dejal to develop Macfilink.

Dejal Systems, LLC was founded in New Zealand in 1991 and established
in the US a decade later, Dejal is a leading Mac software vendor
specializing in user-friendly and flexible utility software.

A fully-featured trial of Macfilink is available as a free download
now from