Share Your Tunes in Style with XtremeMac’s Audio Splitter for iPod

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – December 3, 2004 – XtremeMac, the premier
accessory manufacturer for Apple Computer’s iPod, is proud to announce the
best way to share music from one iPod with two listeners. XtremeMac’s new
Audio Splitter for iPod is the first splitter designed specifically for the
3G iPod, Click Wheel iPod, iPod photo and iPod mini.

The new XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod converts the single earbud
connection on your iPod into two earbud connectors, splitting the audio
signal from the iPod into 2 pairs of headphones while maintaining all of
the high quality crystal-clear audio the iPod is famous for.

The sleek new XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod is exquisitely designed,
precision molded to match perfectly in iPod white, and sculpted to sit
flush on the iPod along the symmetrically curved side of the iPod mini. The
splitter is only half as wide as an iPod mini, so it allows free access to
the iPod hold switch. The splitter requires no batteries, and does not draw
power or lessen the iPod’s battery life.

The XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod is the perfect answer for air travel,
allowing two people to simultaneously enjoy the pristine audio quality and
great music selection the iPod provides. It is also great for car trips, or
for intimate walks together.

Gary Bart, President of XtremeMac says, “while there were a number of audio
splitter products on the market, none of them retained the style and look
that is definitively iPod. Our new Audio Splitter captures the look iPod
users expect, and provides great functionality. Two users can share the
music with the same quality the iPod provides for one.”

The XtremeMac Audio Splitter for iPod is priced at MSRP of $12.95 and is
available now at, Apple retail stores, The Apple Store at, and through our network of national and
international resellers and distributors.

About XtremeMac
XtremeMac, located in Florida, debuted its line of Apple accessories in
January 2002, at Macworld Expo. In addition to iPod accessories, XtremeMac
also manufactures a full line of pro and consumer accessories for the Apple
product line. XtremeMac products can be purchased online at, or at The Apple Store, and our network of resellers and
distributors. XtremeMac backs all of its products with a 30-day
satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. For more information visit, or call (954) 385-9877 or toll-free (866) 392-9800.

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