In his comparison of Apple’s iPod Photo and Delphi and XM’s MyFi, Slate’s Paul Boutin says that both devices are disappointing. “My instant take on today’s game of whiz-bang one-upmanship is that both companies lost,” Boutin writes. “It’s now five hours after Apple’s U2-bedecked press conference, and I still haven’t stopped yawning. This new iPod Photo is the same iPod we’re already sick of hearing about. The 2-inch color screen isn’t the start of any digital revolution–all it does is turn your iPod into a camera phone that can’t take pictures or make phone calls. XM’s MyFi isn’t as disappointing as a gadget… If you’re sick of the songs on your iPod or the crappy stations on the local FM dial, MyFi gives you 130 channels to flip through.”