Seapine Software Announces the Immediate Availability of TestTrack Pro 7.0

Mason, Ohio — October 19, 2004 — Seapine Software, Inc., a leading
provider of adaptable application lifecycle management (AALM) solutions,
announced today the immediate availability of TestTrack Pro 7.0 for
software defect and issue management. Significant new features, including a
configurable database, LDAP and Active Directory support, issue linking,
and seamless integration with Surround SCM, make TestTrack Pro 7.0 a
powerful, scalable application for the entire enterprise.

Headlining the new release is TestTrack Pro’s configurable backend
database. Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) or Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) SQL Server
users can now configure the TestTrack Pro server database or TestTrack Pro
projects to store data in their respective systems (requires separate
Oracle and/or SQL Server licenses). Additionally, TestTrack Pro 7.0
includes LDAP and Active Directory support. Users can configure the Seapine
License Sever to use LDAP or Active Directory to validate user logins. The
license server can also retrieve user information such as phone numbers and
email addresses from the LDAP server.

“TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM provide powerful and effective tools for
managing software issues throughout our business,” said Larry Hollingshead,
Development Manager at Software Solutions, Inc. a provider of IT systems
for local governments. “I am excited about the enterprise database and
issue linking features in TestTrack Pro 7.0 because they will extend its
availability in our organization and its impact on our customers,” added
Mr. Hollingshead.

Another new 7.0 feature is issue linking, which allows users to link issues
together in a parent/child relationship and/or a peer group relationship.
Users can link definitions and apply workflow constraints based on the
links. TestTrack Pro 7.0 also features enhanced integration with Surround
SCM, Seapine’s change management solution. Users now have the ability to
associate defect resolutions in TestTrack Pro from within Surround SCM.

“Our customers are using TestTrack Pro for a wide variety of corporate
projects. After using it to manage product development and testing, they
recognize the benefits TestTrack Pro provides in the critical roles of
issue and process management across the enterprise,” said Richard Riccetti,
Seapine’s president. “The features we added in version 7.0, such as LDAP
and SQL support, make it easier to deploy and manage TestTrack Pro in
larger enterprises. Other features, like issue linking, benefit all users
who need to manage a hierarchy of issues or tasks,” concluded Mr. Riccetti.

Other TestTrack Pro 7.0 enhancements include multiple project storage in a
single Oracle or SQL Server database, easier database upgrades, improved
control over licensing issues, the ability to change usernames using the
Seapine License Server, and much more.

Availability and Pricing
TestTrack Pro 7.0 is available immediately. Pricing for TestTrack Pro
begins at $295.00 for a Named license; Floating license pricing is also
available. For additional information on evaluating or purchasing TestTrack
Pro 7.0, go to:

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