Major Upgrade Offers Mac OS X Address Book Integration, Report Charts,
Custom Mailing, Remote Image Support, Graphical Toolbars

CARY, North Carolina (October 11th, 2004) — Intelli Innovations, Inc.
today introduced IntelliMerge 4.0, a major upgrade to the company’s
business-class e-mail merge software for the Mac. Combining a recipient
manager, e-mail composition program, and mailing system in one application,
IntelliMerge makes it easy to send dynamic, customized e-mail messages to
customers, memberships, and other groups.

“IntelliMerge is the definitive choice in Mac customer communication
software, and we’re continuing to offer advanced, easy-to-use features and
tools for our business and organizational customers with IntelliMerge 4.0,”
said Paul Scandariato, CTO, Intelli Innovations, Inc.

New features and improvements in IntelliMerge 4.0 include:

– Mac OS X Address Book Integration, allowing users to import their existing
Address Book with just one click. Additionally, users can simply
drag-and-drop specific recipients or lists into a recipient list for
selective mailings.

– Detailed reports after each mailing, including record counts and a mailing
result pie chart.

– Embedded image support for HTML messages, allowing users to included
remotely-hosted images in the body of outgoing messages. The new “Images”
button allows users to specify the location of an image, automatically
inserting a tag for it.

– Custom Mailing allows users to select e-mail recipients by list, flag, or
status. IntelliMerge 4.0’s improved “Send Now” feature offers easy access
to various mailing options and tools in one location.

– Spam Keyword Checker automatically examines messages for common “spam”
words, allowing users to avoid words that might allow their legitimate
messages to be incorrectly matched as spam by filters.

– New Mac OS X toolbar in the message editor, giving users easy access to
commonly used functions. Toolbar icons are produced by The Iconfactory.

– Integrated tutorial database, allowing users to test real IntelliMerge
mailings without bothering customers. Intelli Innovations allows users
to send e-mail to automated recipients at its own testing server,, to try IntelliMerge’s advanced features and tools.

– Enhanced error notification allows IntelliMerge to check that messages are
sent without delays, flagging individual recipients that experience
connection or address-oriented errors. IntelliMerge’s status indication
system now includes record-level highlighting and contextual menus.

Technical enhancements to IntelliMerge 4.0 include:

– Upgraded embedded Valentina database engine from Paradigma Software. The
latest version offers enhanced performance for IntelliMerge’s recipient
manipulation tools.

– E-mail data extraction from text or binary files, with an integrated
Regular Expression input for custom data extraction.

– Enhanced field sorting capabilities, allowing users to sort by any column
and set status information in bulk. IntelliMerge includes database-level
indexed fields for fast data manipulation and display, with a per-database
capacity of over 3 million recipients.

Pricing & Availability
IntelliMerge 4.0 is now available at the Intelli Innovations online store
for $99.00 USD. Upgrades from any previous version are $39.00 USD.
IntelliMerge 4.0 is available for both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.

For additional product information and a free downloadable demo version,
visit IntelliMerge 4.0’s home page:

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