Webstractor the revolutionary browser updated to version 1.1

For Immediate Release

Webstractor 1.1 for Mac OS X has been released with over 50 new features and
improved performance for this unique internet research application.

London, UK 6th October 2004 – Softchaos Ltd. is proud to announce the
release of Webstractor 1.1 with a slew of new features and enhancements that
contribute to making this ground-breaking application a must-have for anyone
who regularly uses the web.

The information resources available on the World Wide Web are changing the
way millions of people live and work every day. Microsoft research has
shown that 60%-80% of web page visits are repeat visits. Because of this,
the average internet user is quickly outgrowing the crude “bookmark” and
“copy & paste” options that have up until now been a necessity for retaining
and editing crucial information.

Webstractor automatically captures web pages as you browse them, letting you
simply save a document that contains all web pages in a browsing session –
browse through them again later, whether you’re online or offline. Have you
ever wanted to use some of the information on a web page but dreaded making
the time consuming copy-and-paste, with the inevitable loss of layout? Avoid
all that with Webstractor! Edit your captured web pages like a word
processor – simple, fast and clean. Using Webstractor, your project quickly
becomes professional and ready to print.

‘Webstractor: It’s an old friend – an old friend you’ve never met before’

Some of Webstractor’s unique features:
* Automatically captures web pages as you browse which can then be viewed
and browsed offline
* Allows you to sort, organize, and categorize your browsed contents.
* Instantly search captured web pages for words and phrases throughout your
* Can store multiple captures of the same web page at different times.
* Simply edit web pages with familiar word processor tools to delete
unwanted material or to add your own text, and Webstractor will maintain the
original layout.
* Add new content from your own files such as images, text, RTF, RTFD or
Microsoft Word files.
* Compose your document by rearranging and renaming pages, and
automatically generate a Table of Contents.
* Share your research in PDF format.

Webstractor is a powerful research tool not only for internet and research
professionals, but for everyone. Students, educators, journalists, hobbyists
– anyone who uses the Internet to gather information can easily transform
valuable findings into useful and remarkable documents.

Download a free trial copy and read the reviews of Webstractor at
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Price: Online $79, Retail $99, Education Discounts Available.

Softchaos Limited, founded in October 2000, is a software development
company creating well-designed, market-leading productivity software for the
professional and intensive Macintosh user.

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