*** “Universal Attachability” for AppleScript ***

PreFab Software, Inc. and Bill Cheeseman are pleased to announce the release
of version 1.0 of their new product, PreFab UI Actions.

UI Actions implements “universal attachability” for AppleScript. With UI
Actions, you attach an AppleScript script to a native Mac OS X application.
From then on, the script will be triggered automatically every time the user
performs the actions you specify in the target application. A UI Action
script can respond to all manner of user actions, such as opening or closing
a window, selecting a menu item, editing a text field and many others.

UI Actions requires Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or newer.

Download a free 30-day trial version of UI Actions 1.0 now at

The introductory price for UI Actions is $25. Starting December 1, 2004, the
regular price of $35 will take effect. Quantity discounts are available.

PreFab UI Actions is universal. While Apple’s Folder Actions and Digital Hub
Actions are specialized tools that let your scripts respond when the user
performs narrowly defined tasks, UI Actions goes much further. It allows any
accessible user interface element in any application to trigger a script in
response to any user action. UI Actions opens up whole new worlds of

An attached UI Action script can even query the target application for
useful information about the user action that triggered it. The information
available to a UI Action script includes a reference to the UI element that
was affected by the user’s action, as well as all of its attributes, such as
position, size, title, role and value. Using this information, every UI
Action script can draw upon the full capabilities of AppleScript, including
Apple’s new GUI Scripting, to amplify and enhance the power of the target

Power users now have completely new ways to customize their Macintosh.
Technical staff and consultants can tailor off-the-shelf applications in
ways never before possible. Developers can target their products to specific
vertical markets without touching existing code. Individual users can make
their Mac even easier to use and more powerful.

PreFab Software, Inc. has unmatched experience controlling the GUI via
scripts, releasing PreFab Player in 1994 with continued sales and support
today for Mac OS 9 and earlier. In 2003, PreFab entered the world of Mac OS
X with PreFab UI Browser, a popular utility to support Apple’s new GUI
Scripting technology. PreFab UI Actions, implementing “universal
attachability” for AppleScript, followed in 2004. Download fully-functional
30-day trial versions at www.prefab.com/scripting.html. UI Browser and UI
Actions are based on Bill Cheeseman’s Cocoa framework for working with
Apple’s accessibility API.

Bill Cheeseman – wjcheeseman@prefab.com
PreFab Software, Inc. – www.prefab.com/scripting.html