September 16, 2004.


F-Script is an open-source, interactive and scripting layer specifically
designed for Cocoa, the native Mac OS X object system.

F-Script version 1.2.7 introduces “Core Data Explorer” which is a new and
unique technology based on Core Data. The latter is one of the major new
components of the forthcoming Mac OS X “Tiger”. F-Script’s Core Data
Explorer technology allows one to graphically explore and interact with
live Core Data objects, giving unprecedented ease of use and productivity
to developers and power users dealing with the Core Data framework.

The F-Script object browser and collection inspector have been extended to
use the powerful object-oriented capacities of Core Data. Users can
graphically navigate and visualize attributes and relationships of Core
Data managed objects, visualize the properties of entire collections of
managed objects, send arbitrary messages to objects, filter objects based
on the values of their properties, and more.

F-Script version 1.2.7 comes with many other enhancements including an easy
to use multi-step, multi-criteria searching and sorting facility for Cocoa
collections, extended filtering capabilities for the object browser,
support for pointer dereferencing, extended array programming support,
performance improvements, support for the Mac OS X “Services” menu, new
methods for bit masks manipulation and random numbers generation, and more.
A detailed description of what is new in this version can be found at

F-Script is an award winning open-source environment designed to leverage
the unique capabilities of Mac OS X. Based on Smalltalk, it provides
interactive and scripting access to Cocoa objects through a graphical
environment and an innovative high-level programming model. F-Script allows
interactive exploration, testing and use of Cocoa-based objects and
frameworks. It can be used stand-alone or embedded into other applications.
In addition, it can be dynamically injected into any Cocoa application at

F-Script is released free of charge, as open-source software. It can be
downloaded from The F-Script project is sponsored
by the European Smalltalk User Group ( and SQLI (