MacMinute reader Scott Kleinberg provided us with a great report from the opening of Apple’s new retail store in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, PA. “There were at least 300 people in line when the store opened at 10 a.m. The line was a city block and then some around the next corner. Apple employees dressed in blue shirts walked the line a few times and asked for clapping and some ‘noise’ and plenty of people were more than willing to oblige. The earliest person to arrive showed up at midnight, with several others at 2 a.m. The T-shirts were given away — black ones this time, with the white Shadyside logo — and they were in a white box with a gray apple logo at the top — typical Apple beauty for something as simple as a T-shirt. And this is the first store with the new studio. Giant LCDs are built into the wall and there are PowerBooks all over the counter. You can walk in and ask the creative staff to show you how to do just about anything.” Meanwhile, Benjamin Han pointed us towards his photo gallery from the event.