AUGUST 31, 2004 – EDMONTON, ALBERTA: Dot Software is pleased to announce a
major bug fix and general update to Site Studio. The bug fixes, features,
changes, and improvements span across the Site Studio application itself,
its plugins, and the themes that are included with it. The major changes
include a new and completely fixed WYSIWYG engine, FTP upload fixes, and
many bug fixes.

Site Studio is the latest innovation in web design. With Site Studio users
can create a theme based web site based on a set of page layouts with
absolutely no HTML knowledge. This recent innovation brings ease,
flexibility, speed, and quality to web design in one convenient package.

Site Studio allows users to create full fledged blogs, photo albums, lists,
and custom layout pages with no prior experience. Pages can be organized
into sub categories and reordered via drag and drop. The simplicity, speed,
and ease make Site Studio suitable for the inexperienced to the seasoned

More information about Site Studio can be found at
( and Site Studio can be downloaded
directly from (