New ebook reveals the secrets of how to buy the right Mac for less

Ithaca, NY USA (August 20, 2004)–Anyone confused by the many Macintosh
models, uncertain of the best and worst times to buy, or wondering about
the best place to purchase can save money, avoid stress, and buy exactly
the right Mac with the help of “Take Control of Buying a Mac.” Written by
well-known Macintosh expert Adam C. Engst, the ebook helps readers
determine which Mac best meets their needs; which add-ons are useful (and
which are a waste of money); and how to choose a Macintosh vendor,
including details on which provide the best service and three little-known
ways to buy below retail cost. For those replacing a Mac, Adam also
provides suggestions on giving an older Mac a new purpose or finding it a
good home.

A unique feature of the book is a painstakingly compiled history of
Macintosh releases, which Adam combines with a clear explanation of how
Apple updates Macs within a model line to produce rules for determining
exactly when readers should buy for the fastest performance, the lowest
price, or the longest useful lifespan. “With the new iMac due out soon and
students heading back to school, we wanted to help people be ready to make
a decision about what to buy,” Adam said, “and the fact is that there are
better and worse times to buy, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.”

Adam is well known as the publisher of the weekly electronic newsletter
TidBITS and the Take Control ebook series, for the best-selling Internet
Starter Kit series of books that helped hundreds of thousands of people get
on the Internet, and as a regular speaker at industry events. His many
years of experience and perspective show as he walks readers step-by-step
through the decision-making process, providing a mix of detailed
information, case studies, and informed suggestions. Whether readers want
to purchase a home Mac as cheaply as possible or want to equip a group of
designers with the most powerful Macs available, this ebook has the help
they need.

“Take Control of Buying a Mac” is the tenth ebook in the Take Control
series, which helps Macintosh users take control of their computers. As
with all Take Control ebooks, any minor updates necessary to keep “Take
Control of Buying a Mac” current are free to to all customers to maintain
the book’s value as Macintosh models change.

Review copies available upon request; just ask!

Book Details
“Take Control of Buying a Mac” by Adam C. Engst PDF format, 72 pages;
free 20-page sample available Publication date: August 19, 2004
Price: $5

About the Take Control Series
The Take Control series of ebooks brings readers high-quality, timely,
real-world, cost-effective technical documentation. To learn more about the
series, read the TidBITS article that introduced it:

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