Process 1.0 Takes ‘To-Do’ to ‘Done’

(August 17, 2004) – Jumsoft’s Process 1.0 for Mac OS X elevates outlining
applications to a new plateau by seamlessly linking projects with the
elements neeqded to complete them-all with single-window simplicity and a
user-friendly Aqua interface sure to please.

With its innovative Source Taking feature, Process 1.0 utilizes a simple
popup menu to link plans and schedules with project-specific resources such
as web sites, PDF files and text documents. Selections are displayed in
the lower half of the Process window. Documents stored elsewhere can be
opened in Process, edited there and saved to their original sites without
separately opening other applications.

“With Process, we tried to narrow the gap between to-do and done,” says
Jumsoft’s Saulius Dailide. “The to-do plan and the act of doing are now on
the same page-both figuratively and literally.”

Jumsoft’s powerful outlining program has a host of other useful features,
including: back and forward buttons for web browsing; a built-in search
tool; a scheduling calendar, clock and customizable alarm that even lets
users run Unix commands; a notes feature for adding text to any entry item;
color-coded prioritizing; support for multiple file formats such as OPML,
RTF, HTML, PDF, Quicktime and OmniOutliner, and, of course, the option of
exporting to an iPod for viewing on the go.

As useful to professionals as it is to students, Jumsoft’s simple,
fun-to-use Process is expected to appeal to a broad audience. “This new
Jumsoft shareware was designed to be juicy enough for the youth market but
practical enough for the businessperson, scientist or school teacher,”
notes Dailide.

Process requires Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.
The shareware is available for $25 at

About Jumsoft
Jumsoft was launched in 2002 by a small group of Apple Macintosh
aficionados determined to create powerful, exciting, easy-to-use
applications for Mac OS X. Early releases included Money 1.3.5 for
personal accounting, Way 1.0 for writing business documents, and a handy
mail-checking utility, MailHere 2.1. Jumsoft next focused on maximizing
the potential of Apple’s Keynote, quickly becoming the leading provider of
Keynote themes and objects with the release of Keynote Jam 1.0, Keynote
Themes 3.0 and Keynote Objects 2.0. For more information, please visit the
company’s Web site at