has announced the AfterBurner Series, the latest in its FireWire 800 blue laser-based Professional Disc for DATA (ProDATA) drives. The AfterBurner stores up to 23GB of native capacity per rewritable or write-one, read-many (WORM) single sided media. The line-up includes 2-Bay and 4-Bay customizable external FireWire 800 configurations, as well as an internal SCSI version. AfterBurners are compatible with Mac OS X. External AfterBurners have a suggested retail price of US$3,199, $2,995 for the internal SCSI kit and $2,995 for the external USB 2.0 or SCSI model. Professional Disc for DATA media is currently available at a suggested retail price of $45 for both the write-once version and the rewritable version.