August 10, 2004 – Edmonton, Alberta – Dot software is pleased to announce
an update to it’s revolutionary web site creator, Site Studio. Site Studio
gives anyone the ability to create great looking web sites in a matter of
minutes with absolutely no html knowledge required. FTP upload and .Mac
publishing make putting any site on the internet a painless task. It isn’t
only the intuitive interface that makes Site Studio so easy to use, but
multiple content plugins allow the user to create photo albums, blogs, and
more with unsurpassed ease and speed.

Dot software would also like to announce that as of Monday, August 17, 2004
it will be releasing new and free themes for Site Studio every week. This
new program will give Site Studio users more themes and an ever-expanding
variety. A page for the weekly themes will be posted on

Version 1.1 is a full fledged update that is available to all registered
users at absolutely no cost. Changes and additions span across all the
content plugins, the Site Studio application, and themes. These changes,
additions, and improvements are:

[Site Studio]
-Web sites now exported in UTF-8
-major interface improvements
-FTP upload fixed
-cleaned html output
-better progress indication
-new icons
-logo image now supports transparent PNGs and GIFs
-html files are now created based on their names
-fixed a bug that broke internal linking when hyperlinks were present
-many minor bug fixes
[WYSIWYG plugin]
-fixed problems when styles are present after images
-text styles menu reordered
-stopped the beeping that occurred when clicking on a link
-switching to an empty WYSIWYG page no longer gives it unwanted
styles from the last edited WYSIWYG page
-made it much easier to fix an internal link to a deleted file
-formatting and link features
-new interface
-new style plugins
-optional multiple pages
-bug fixes
-new date formats
-added a launch button to quickly see the site
[Image Gallery]
-smoother thumbnail generation
-interface changes
-bug fixes
-thumbnail is now linked to big image
[HTML Code]
-editor field no longer wraps around to the next line
-line numbers are displayed for each line number
[External File]
-interface tweaks
-bug fixes
-ability to only include the body of an HTML document
-all new plugin designed to create lists of links or downloads
[iPhoto Album]
-all new plugin that creates image galleries from iPhoto albums and
each photo’s caption
-fixed Plastic Blue theme in Internet Explorer
-fixed Glass Tabs themes in Firefox
-New theme Professional Grey

More information about Site Studio can be found at
( It can be directly downloaded from