You might be interested in hearing that there is now an upgrade
available to LANsurveyor 8.0.

LANsurveyor helps network administrators and IT managers diagram their
networks, monitor key network components, remotely manage key systems,
create network and desktop asset reports, and solve network problems.

This upgrade includes the following enhancements:

* Added support for the latest versions of Dantz’ Retrospect Client
* Improved switch/hub port mapping discovery
* Fine-tuned autodiscovery for even better network discovery
* Updated support for Windows asset information

The LANsurveyor 8.1 upgrade is now available for free to maintenance contract
owners as well as recent LANsurveyor 8.0 purchasers.

To get the upgrade, visit:

People who wish to try the software can visit:

Upgrades from older versions start at $199. LANsurveyor 8.1 is available for
US$495 for the Management Station, $995 for the Workgroup Edition and
$12,500 for the Enterprise Edition from, by calling us at
+1 925-283-9771, or from resellers.