BusinessWeek has posted a special report entitled “Apple: The Next Generation.” The feature includes five articles: “Apple: Sweetness Regained” (It’s making healthy sales gains in schools, corporations, and the government sector — without the benefit of an iPod halo effect); “Will Uncle Sam Like the Taste of Apple?” (iPod’s success has made federal buyers warm up to Jobs & Co.’s other products, and this may spark more corporate sales); “The “Big Mac” Supercomputer Biz” (Apple wasn’t a serious player until researchers discovered how well its high-end computer clusters perform for a relatively low price); “Apple’s Back-to-School Blast” (The company’s desktop share in the K-12 field may be weakening, but its laptop sales are taking off. Can it overcome Windows-centric tech administrators?); and “No “Halo” Effect? Look Again” (The success of iPods and Apple stores stopped Macs’ market share from sinking lower. And signs indicate even more future converts).