SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–April 10th, 2004– OpenOSX
today announced the immediate availability of TrojanDefuser, offering
users drag and drop operation that will render files suspected of
being the recently discovered variations of the Trojan Horse
“MP3Virus.Gen” harmless, by making a copy of the suspected file
without the resource fork, therefore eliminating the potentially
malicious code and at the same time preserving the data fork of the
file. OpenOSX is distributing the software under an open source
license free of charge.

If the software detects a potential “Trojan Horse”, a copy of the
file(s) that are suspect will be created in the same location as the
original(s) starting with the prefix “SAFE_”, ending with the
original file name and leaving the original file intact. For example
a “disinfected” version of “virus.mp3” would become “SAFE_virus.mp3″”.

OpenOSX has designed the software to work for variations of the
concept Trojan Horse embedded in various file types in addition to
MP3 files.

The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License,
meaning it may be freely distributed and modified, so long as the
modified source code is included with the distribution(s). For
details, OpenOSX suggests referring to the included license.

OpenOSX has included the harmless concept Trojan “virus.mp3.sit”
written by Bo Lindbergh for testing purposes.

OpenOSX notes that although a “Trojan Horse” based on the
“MP3Virus.Gen” has not yet been found in the “Wild”, it is offering
protection for those that desire it.

OpenOSX TrojanDefuse is available for free and immediate download
from: (

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