Palo Alto, California – Konfabulator 1.6 is fresh out of the oven.
This version offers a host of under-the-hood improvements that will
allow Widget authors more creativity, and better performance for end
users. It features text rendering that’s been optimized for 10.3, the
latest version of our JavaScript engine, image handling built from
the ground up that includes non-rectangular click-regions… and the
use of animated GIFs. Expos=E9 support has also been dramatically

For a complete list of changes for this version, visit its Release
Notes page: ( )

Konfabulator is a $25 application that allows for the use of files
called Widgets. Widgets are built with a combination of XML,
JavaScript, can include AppleScript and Unix calls, and can look and
do whatever you want them to.

Want more than the default Widgets? Visit the Widget Gallery with
over 600 user contributed Widgets that range from amazingly addictive
games, to incredibly useful utilities.

The Gallery is at: (

And Konfabulator’s home is: (

And the 1.6 download is here: (

Arlo Rose introduced themeable interfaces to the world with his work
at Apple on the Appearance Manager and on the popular customization
utility Kaleidoscope.

Perry Clarke switched from another well-known OS where he worked on
consumer software such as the Mplayer online gaming client.