PC-Mac PasswordVault v3.2 helps protect users from trojan horses and
other malware

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — July 19, 2004 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac PasswordVault v3.2, a password manager which securely stores
website usernames and passwords, Internet banking data and software
registration details for convenient and easy access on Windows, MacOS
X, MacOS Classic and Linux (x86) computers.

This new version clears the clipboard when the application is closed,
further increasing security for users. It also fixes a problem on the
Windows version which prevented the pasting of text in some dialogs.
Free downloadable versions of PC-Mac PasswordVault v3.2 are now
available for all computer platforms.

PC-Mac PasswordVault helps protect Windows users from potential
security problems when doing Internet banking and other sensitive
online transactions. The one-click access to account numbers,
passwords, PINs, etc. in PC-Mac PasswordVault defeats keyboard logger
trojan horse programs. In addition, password and credit card
information is stored by PC-Mac PasswordVault in a strongly encrypted
data file, protecting user data from surreptitious malware programs
which scan hard drives for sensitive information stored as clear text.

PC-Mac PasswordVault includes an auto-lock timer, auto-clipboard
clear, random password generator, import and export of data (for easy
backup and transfer), editable categories, editable notes, a global
floating access window, master password recovery system and
selectable skins. The portable version (called PC-Mac
PasswordVault2Go Lite) runs directly off USB drives and can auto-sync
to the desktop version.

Graphic screenshots for Windows and MacOS X can be found at:

The free Lite Edition of PC-Mac PasswordVault supports up to 10
services, whilst the Standard Edition supports any number of
services. The Standard Edition is priced at USD19.95 per license, and
purchasers get download access to the current version of the software
for all platforms (both desktop and portable versions), as well as
free upgrades for one year. Site licenses for companies, universities
and other organizations are available from USD99.00. OEM pricing,
customization and rebranding options are available on request.

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