Alex Salkever is offering a six-step plan to get Apple’s computer sales and market share surging in his latest “Byte of the Apple” column for Business Week Online. His steps: 1) cut prices (“because price stumps style in the computer market”), 2) offer a “really cheap, really cool PC and watch ’em fly off the shelves,” 3) abandon the all-in-one approach (“offer a headless iMac at a decent price with all your nifty iLife software installed, and the masses will at least give you a closer look”), 4) offer a US$200 bounty on a PC exchanged for a new Mac, 5) offer all Mac buyers a try-and-buy program much like what some Apple resellers are offering to purchasers of high-end Xserve units, and 6) start an ad campaign playing up the fact that Macs are largely virus-free.