Enhanced Single Sourcing Software Tool Promotes Productivity for
Documentation Professionals While Saving Time and Money

Seattle, WA, June 28, 2004 – Rascal Software (, a
provider of quality single-sourcing software for content creation, editing
and multi-channel publishing, today announced the availability of Veredus
2.0 for the Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. The help
authoring documentation tool now includes easy importing from legacy files,
an improved print engine from RenderX, and a workgroup module that
facilitates cross-platform collaboration among documentation professionals.

“With the release of Veredus 2.0, we are helping technical writers and
programmers on multiple platforms be more productive,” said Rob Frankland,
President and CEO of Rascal Software. “Our goal is to leverage the latest
XML technology to create easy-to-use products that increase productivity
while saving time and money-an ongoing concern for any business. Veredus
2.0 allows users to take advantage of the power of XML without having to
know how to code and enables content to be quickly created once for
multiple deliverables.”

Help Authoring Tool for True Single-Sourcing

With today’s businesses looking for ways to improve productivity without
increasing costs, Rascal Software set out to develop an easy to use
software tool that promotes productivity for documentation professionals
while saving time and money. Because Veredus 2.0 does not require the
technical expertise often associated with similar software tools, users can
easily create content once and deliver and publish that content to many
platforms and a variety of outputs. By coupling XML with style sheets and
Veredus 2.0’s user-friendly interface, business users, educators and other
non-technical professionals can take advantage of the single-sourcing

“Unlike any single Help authoring tool available today, Veredus 2.0 offers
Help authors, like myself, the functionality that we find most useful–and
necessary–when writing documentation: the ability to single-source
content, to create various types of builds for multiple OS platforms, to
conditionalize text for specific builds, and to facilitate the creation of
API documentation,” said Tom Chapman, senior technical writer, Onyx
Software. “It’s a huge benefit to be able to do all of this–and much
more–using a single tool,” added Chapman.
New Features of Veredus 2.0 Include:

* Incorporates enhanced support for importing legacy Microsoft Word and
Adobe Frame Maker documents

* Creates single-source content that can be transformed to various online
help formats or to print formats such as Adobe PDF. Quality printing is now
possible with a new and powerful print engine from RenderX

* Is the only product on Macintosh that generates output to Apple Help
formats, for both Jaguar and Panther Mac OS X releases

* Imports chm and hlp projects easily

* Enables remote collaboration via a workgroup module that serves as a
networked repository and supports check-in and check-out

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for Veredus 2.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS are as follows:
$899.00 (USD) for the Single Client; $699.00 (USD) for the Competitive
Upgrade; and $899.00 (USD) for the Workgroup Module. Contact Rascal
Software at (866) 216-2600 or
( Veredus 2.0 for
Windows is immediately available and Linux, Mac versions and the Workgroup
Module will be available Q3, 2004.

Veredus 2.0 will be demonstrated at the Apple Worldwide Developers
Conference and JavaOne Conference, June 28-July 1, 2004 at the San
Francisco Moscone Center.

About Rascal Software

Rascal Software is committed to developing quality XML-based software for
content creation, editing and single-source publishing. Based on industry
standards and featuring superior ease-of-use, Rascal Software products
enable professionals to be more productive in a shorter period of time. The
Company’s first product, Veredus, is an XML-based single source authoring
tool. Veredus is targeted at documentation professionals and allows content
to be transformed, formatted and rendered on-the-fly. Rascal Software is
headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information, visit