Intego Launches IM Encryption Software to Protect your Privacy when Using
iChat Instant Messaging

Austin, TX, June 17, 2004 =96 Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, tod=
announced the launch of Intego ChatBarrier X3, a program that works in
conjunction with Apple’s iChat instant messaging software to provide
two-way, real-time encryption of text chats. Intego ChatBarrier X3 uses
military grade 512-bit encryption that stops anyone from reading private

Apple’s iChat instant messaging is not a peer-to-peer technology. Text
messages are sent in clear text, and go through the AIM (AOL Instant
Messenger) server, as well as through dozens of others before finally being
routed to the intended correspondent. No one knows how secure or reliable
any of these servers are. Hackers can intercept these messages at any stage
of this process using “packet sniffers” to intercept network data and
reconstruct the sent text.

Intego ChatBarrier X3 uses a stream cipher to encrypt messages as soon as
they are sent, guaranteeing that messages are protected and that nobody but
the intended recipient can read them. In addition, even if messages are
intercepted, Intego ChatBarrier X3 ensures that they cannot be decrypted.

With a simple click of a button on the iChat window, Intego ChatBarrier X3
starts an encrypted chat session with a user who also has Intego ChatBarrier
X3 installed. Since Intego ChatBarrier X3 provides real-time encryption,
each message is encrypted as soon as a user presses Return. The message gets
sent in milliseconds and the recipient’s copy of Intego ChatBarrier X3
decrypts it just as quickly.

Intego ChatBarrier X3 offers the following:

* One click activation – just click a button to turn encryption on or off
* Seamless operation – once Intego ChatBarrier X3 is installed it is ready
whenever it’s needed
* Instant encryption and decryption – Intego ChatBarrier X3 works instantly
and there is no message lag
* Military-grade encryption – no one but the intended recipient can read
messages encrypted by Intego ChatBarrier X3
* Full protection for instant messaging – keeps all messages confidential
* Provides protection over local networks (using Rendezvous technology) and
over AIM (AOL Instant Messaging) networks with iChat
* Users can carry out both encrypted and non-encrypted chat sessions with
different users simultaneously
* Encrypted chat sessions are clearly indicated in iChat windows by a
background of padlocks and a special ChatBarrier lock icon

“Instant messaging is a powerful tool for businesses, individuals and
students,” said Laurent Marteau, CEO, Intego, “but it’s simple for hackers
to tap into networks and intercept messages. The only way people using iChat
can ensure their messages are kept confidential is to use Intego ChatBarrier
X3, which provides unbreakable encryption in both directions, at a low cost.=

Intego ChatBarrier X3 works perfectly in conjunction with Intego’s other
Macintosh security programs: Intego NetBarrier X3, Intego VirusBarrier,
Intego ContentBarrier and Intego Personal Backup X3.

System requirements: any Mac OS X compatible computer running Mac OS X
10.2.3 or later; Apple’s iChat instant messaging software; Internet

Intego ChatBarrier X3 will be available on June 17, 2004 from major
Macintosh retailers worldwide, or from For further
information, please contact Intego:

US: +1 512 637 0700
EMEA: +33 1 55 07 27 27
Japan: +81 263 83 7646

Pricing (Excluding sales tax or VAT, if applicable)

License $ EUR JPY GBP
One license plus one free license 39.95 39.95 5,900 25.95
Ten licenses 99.95 99.95 13,900 69.95
Site license 999.95 999.95 139,900 695.95

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