QuickLite 1.0

Today, Webbo is pleased to announce releasing QuickLite, a Cocoa
wrapper for SQLite, the embeddable SQL database engine:


QuickLite already includes SQLite, so there’s no need to download and
to configure. It provides the developer with a SQL database without
running a separate RDBMS process. QuickLite is not a client library
used to connect to a big database server. QuickLite is the server,
reading and writing directly to and from the database files on disk.

QuickLite Features

– Objected-oriented.
– Easy to use.
– Just 3 classes to deal with: QuickLiteDatabase, QuickLiteCursor, and
– On-the-fly data file compaction.
– Includes introspection methods to access table names, column names,
indexes, etc.
– Includes utility methods to create and drop tables, add and remove
columns, insert data, and more!
– Access to SQLite’s last error ID and associated error string.
– BLOB support.

The QuickLite package also includes a few examples as well.