NovaMind introduces new creativity enhancement feature

In their latest release, NovaMind have implemented yet another brilliant
feature designed to increase user productivity and Mind Mapping fun. The
Branch Proposal System (or BPS for short) is available as a free plug-in to
the latest version and is unique to NovaMind. The BPS works with the user
to suggest words and phrases related to information on the existing Mind
Map branches, this is excellent for suggesting and exploring more
possibilities while making the user think of new ideas and directions for
their Mind Map branches. The ability to insert multiple words from the BPS
at the click of a button aids the user in building a detailed Mind Map very

This latest release also includes the highly anticipated ability to export
to Microsoft PowerPoint. This establishes NovaMind as one of the select few
OSX vendors able to offer this feature to their users. Novamind is free to
try and US$79 to buy. See ( to learn more about
Mind Mapping and download the free trial.