On-Target Reports 4.0 Announced


May 20, 2004. Roswell, Georgia. On-Target Reports, Inc, makers of dbReports
Professional announce that On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional is slated to
ship in June 2004 at an estimated street price of $199.

On-Target Reports 4.0 is an easy to use reporting tool for popular databases
including FrontBase, mySQL, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL, PrimeBase,
REALDatabase, Sybase ASE, SQLite and Valentina (Valentina 1.x and
forthcoming 2.x), allowing rapid and easy visual report building and
printing. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional adds several new features,

Graphics. Display graphics within generated reports contained within any
supported database.

Watermarks. Display a company logo, Confidential or other marks useful in
day-to-day business.

Graphs. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional has a new graphing engine, with
support for all major graph types, including Column, Stacked Column, Line,
Stacked Line, Area, Stacked Area, Scatter, and Pie.

PDF Export. Export your reports as a printable PDF file.

SQLite and RBDB 2. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional supports both SQLite
and REALbasic Database format (second generation introduced with REALbasic

Linux. On-Target Reports 4.0 Professional will also be available for Linux,
as well as Windows and Mac OS X.

The final feature list of On-Target Reports 4.0 will be available when the
product ships.

On-Target Reports, Inc=92s current product, dbReports Professional is a
cross-platform report writer. With dbReports Professional, you can extract,
format and print data from one of various data sources. Using the built-in
assistant, or the easy-to-use drawing environment, a report can be built
quickly and easily.

Any registered user who purchased dbReports 3.x Professional edition after
April 15, 2004 is entitled to a free license upgrade to On-Target Reports
4.0 Professional. Owners of dbReports 3.x Standard who purchased after April
15, 2004 will be able to upgrade for $79. All products are available direct
from On-Target Reports, Inc or through authorized distributors.

About On-Target Reports, Inc

On-Target Reports, Inc makes dbReports and dbReports Professional, the
easiest way to extract and display database information from the most
popular databases on Windows and Macintosh, and the forthcoming On-Target
Reports 4.0. On-Target Reports envisions making complex data accessible and
meaningful, for business users and developers. For additional information,
visit the On-Target Reports website at http://www.ontargetreports.com.