Jiiva releases AutoScrubber version 1.5. Now with visual feedback!

Beaverton, OR (May 21, 2004) Jiiva announces the release of
AutoScrubber 1.5. This release brings interactivity to a process
normally hidden behind the scenes. Version 1.5 adds many features
requested by customers. Mainly visual feedback when files are being
securely erased as well as an on-screen notice when Software Update is

Deleting files is typically seen as a progress indicator when emptying
the trash. Now customers will know exactly when AutoScrubber is at work
securely erasing file fragments left behind by applications as they
occur as well as when the trash is emptied by enabling a system menu
icon that tilts left or right each time a file is erased.

Other enhancements to AutoScrubber include an updated list of built-in
configurations, improved support for multi-gigabyte files, speed
improvements, and greater interoperability with Norton Utilities.

AutoScrubber is an evolution is data security. Unlike Apple’s Secure
Empty Trash and other file erasers on the market, AutoScrubber catches
file fragments left behind by applications and deleted copies of
private files made by the operating system. These fragments and copied
files are left wide open on your hard drive for anyone with undelete or
recovery software to exploit. If you share your Mac with others or have
Macs in open places such as a lab, classroom, office, or cafe, you need
to protect the privacy of those using the machine. AutoScrubber works
on-the-fly to provide constant data security.

Need Proof? Download the AutoScrubber DeleteWatch demo from
www.jiiva.com/autoscrubber/download/ and then go about your daily tasks
on your computer. The demo lists the files deleted – by you as the
user, by the software applications you use, and by the operating
system, too. As you edit documents, use your address book, listen to
music, and read email, copies of your private files are being made.
This occurs while the software is in use and also as you quit a
software program.

For more information about AutoScrubber, to download the demo, or to
see screen shots, please visit www.jiiva.com.

Jiiva is also the creator of SuperScrubber – Permanently erase all data
from your old Mac with SuperScrubber’s military-strength disk
sanitization. Jiiva, Inc., is a software development company dedicated
to making quality software products for the Mac. Quality design and
attention to detail are Jiiva’s strength and main focus. Software
design is our passion. For more information, please visit