PowerBook FixIt Guides Announced

SAN LUIS OBISPO, California– May 10, 2004. PB FixIt today announced the
free FixIt Guide series, a groundbreaking new set of Apple PowerBook
repair instructions. Each FixIt Guide has detailed disassembly
instructions that walk the reader through the process of easily
accessing and replacing damaged PowerBook components.

“Mac users have always fought the status quo. With these FixIt Guides,
we’re empowering people to ‘Think Different’ about repairing their
laptop,” said PB FixIt’s CEO Kyle Wiens. “I can’t tell you how many
PowerBook owners I’ve talked to who had cracked their LCD or tripped
over their power cord, but couldn’t afford $100/hr repair fees in
addition to Apple’s insane prices for new parts. Our revolutionary FixIt
Guides walk you through the repair process step by step, enabling you to
replace any part in your PowerBook yourself.

“Many people have the impression that their laptop isn’t worth having
someone fix. They’re right– often it’s not cost effective to have
others repair it. Our FixIt Guides make it easy for users to do the
repair themselves. That’s not just marketing-speak. The end users we’ve
tested these Guides with rave about how easy it is to repair their
laptops themselves.”

FixIt Guides are available for these PowerBook models:
* PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (233 – 300 MHz)
* PowerBook G3 Lombard (333 – 400 MHz)
* PowerBook G3 Pismo (400 – 500 MHz)
* PowerBook G4 Mercury (400 – 500 MHz)
* PowerBook G4 Onyx (550 – 667 MHz)
* PowerBook G4 DVI (667 MHz – 1 GHz)

Availability and Pricing
All six FixIt Guides are available immediately for free on PB FixIt’s
web page:
Printed full-color, bound copies of the FixIt Guides are also available
for $14.95.

About PB FixIt
PB FixIt launched in 2003 and instantly became a leader in the
replacement laptop part industry. PB FixIt is dedicated to bringing high
quality, hard to find Apple PowerBook parts to Macintosh zealots