MYOB US, Inc. Releases AccountEdge 2004 Network Edition for Managing Small
Business Finances on the Mac

May 5, 2004 (Rockaway, NJ) MYOB US, Inc. today announced the release of
MYOB=AE AccountEdge=AE 2004 Network Edition, their complete accounting and
small business management solution for networked small businesses on the
Macintosh platform.

The Network Edition is intended for small business owners who want to use
AccountEdge’s powerful productivity features and flexibility across a
Macintosh network.

“We’re excited to give AccountEdge users optimum performance over their
networks with the Network Edition,” said MYOB US, Inc.’s General Manager,
Cynthia Mackewicz. “When we announced the Network Edition at Macworld last
January, we anticipated speed enhancements of up to twice as fast as
AccountEdge 2004. Our most recent tests have shown significant performance
improvements in the creation of invoices, purchase orders and other
transactions across a network. For example, we’ve seen recording of
invoices and purchase orders to be up to 4 times faster!”

The Network Edition utilizes Rendezvous, Apple’s implementation of zero
configuration networking, to greatly simplify the setup and configuration.
This makes finding and opening available company files across a network
simple. There won’t be any need to mount network drives, browse the network
for company files or deal with users and permissions. Users immediately see
a list of company files that are available to them anywhere on the local
network without a need to deal with IP addresses or port numbers.

“The new MYOB AccountEdge Network Edition brings to the Mac platform a high
performance, multi-user business management system. With the speed
improvements I’ve seen compared to earlier versions, it truly increases
productivity for all users,” says David Micoff, CPA and MYOB Certified
Consultant, as well as a Certified Apple Consultants Network member.

Built specifically for Mac OS X, users of the Network Edition must have a
minimum of Mac OS X v10.2.8.

For more information on the Network Edition, including features, add-on
services, system requirements, the network testing environment and
additional benchmarking data, please visit our web site at:

MYOB AccountEdge 2004 Network Edition for Mac OS X is priced for retail at
$399 and is licensed for 3 users. Additional seats can be purchased singly
for $149 or in a pack of 5 for $499. The company files created by the
Network Edition are fully compatible with MYOB AccountEdge 2004 for Mac, as
well as MYOB Plus for Windows, with the intention of allowing users to send
their data to their accountant, regardless of the operating system that the
accountant uses.

MYOB AccountEdge 2004 Network Edition joins other MYOB small business
accounting and management products, including MYOB AccountEdge 2004 for the
Mac, MYOB FirstEdge=AE, basic small business accounting for the Mac and MYOB
Plus 2004 for Windows, a robust package for Windows.