Jiiva announces SuperScrubber 1.5 – now available in three editions

Beaverton, OR (April 30, 2004) Jiiva is pleased to release version 1.5
of SuperScrubber, the Mac’s most powerful disk erasing solution.
Version 1.5 is an important update, expanding SuperScrubber into three
distinct editions identified as SuperScrubber G3, SuperScrubber G4, and
SuperScrubber G5. This change allows each edition’s disc to contain a
different operating system, enabling Jiiva to continue to support early
G3 models even as Apple’s latest operating system advances and becomes
incompatible with older hardware. For example, Mac OS 10.3 “Panther”
does not support beige PowerMac G3s, while SuperScrubber G3 does.

Each edition will continue to be bargain priced at $29.99. For those
with multiple Macs, Jiiva is pleased to offer a Value Pack containing
all three editions for just $49.99. Ask your local retailer about the
Value Pack or purchase from Jiiva’s online store.

“We’re thrilled to offer a solution to those who still have older G3s.
Even though G3s debuted in 1997 (two years past the standard five-year
life cycle of computers) Jiiva is committed to supporting those who see
long-term value in their Macs,” says Jiiva president Mark Ericksen.

Other changes in this update include improved support for Unix file
systems, enhanced support for USB and Firewire hubs, as well as an
updated list of built-in configurations.

Who needs SuperScrubber? The simple answer is EVERY MAC USER needs
SuperScrubber. Think about the data stored on your computer over time .
.. . emails, address books, banking records, online transaction
receipts, tax filings, client data, proprietary artwork, business
strategies, student records, financial forecasts, HR and payroll files,
and on and on. “With so much information stored on our computers these
days, we all have to be proactive and protect our data at school, work,
and at home. You can’t just assume everyone else out there is a nice
guy,” says Jiiva’s president Mark Ericksen.

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quality software products for the Mac. Quality design and attention to
detail are Jiiva’s strength and main focus. Software design is our
passion. For more information, please visit www.jiiva.com.