Mireth Technology has released version 2.0 of iVCD(TM), Macintosh OS X
software that allows you to easily make Video CDs and Super Video CDs.
This release adds the following features:

– Video CD Playlists and Menus for authoring Video CDs that include a menu
so you can make a more interactive presentation
– TV Safe Border effect for rescuing videos that appear clipped to the TV
– Kiosk mode for making VCD that play continously
– Lighten video effect to lighten up movies that appear too dark when
encoded as MPEG
– One-Step Video CD Convert+Image+Burn operation
– Encoded MPEG Preview using the Movie window
– Improved performance through enhanced threading
– Support for more CD-RW drives with Apple Disk Recording APIs (requires OS
X 10.3)

iVCD(TM) is a VCD authoring utility that allows you to easily make Video
CDs and Super Video CDs on Mac OS X. iVCD(TM) creates Video CDs from
iMovie, Quicktime or .AVI movie files. iVCD(TM) can be used to author
Video CDs (MPEG-1), Super Video CDs (MPEG-2), XVCDs or XSVCDs and supports
both NTSC and PAL output formats. It also supports playlists and menus.

A Video CD (VCD) is a video format that uses ordinary recordable CD media
to store movies and can be used instead of a DVD or a VHS tape. VCDs
provide 30 to 60 minutes of VHS or better quality playback. VCDs are a
perfect solution for home movies and corporate videos because they are both
convenient to play and inexpensive to produce. VCDs can be played on
component DVD players, component VCD players and in any Windows or
Macintosh computer with a CD drive (requires player software). VCDs can
also be played anywhere in the world because they are region-code free.
Because they are produced on a low cost, light-weight media, VCDs are
inexpensive to produce and inexpensive to ship.

Key features include:

– Authors Video CD (VCD) or Super Video CD (SVCD), XVCD and XSVCD
– Works with iMovie, Quicktime and AVI Movies
– Converts to MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or generic MPEG
– Supports play lists and menus
– Special features such as Kiosk mode, Lighten video, and variable MPEG
encoding quality
– TV Safe Border effect for rescuing video that appears clipped on the TV
– Supports NTSC and PAL output
– Easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface and one-step =93convert+image+burn=
– Keeps a project folder so multiple copies of VCDs can be easily made
– Erase CD-RWs
– Plays movies (.mov) and previews encoded MPEG
– Works with G3 or later CPUs

iVCD(TM) =96 the easy way to author VCDs (TM).

Price: iVCD for Mac OS X costs $29.95(US) and can be ordered from Mireth’s
web site at Upgrade pricing for existing iVCD 1.x
users and volume Licensing are also available.

Availability: You can download a copy (free demo included) from

System Requirements: Macintosh PowerPC G3 or later, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

More information: go to


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