PocketMac’s Palm Import Software

April 22, 2004

La Jolla, CA–April 22, 2004–PocketMac & HP are offering abandoned Palm
users double rebates to upgrade their PDAs to HP iPaq Pocket PCs and to
PocketMac(R), the original Mac-to-Pocket PC Sync Solution(TM).

At the recent Palmsource Developer conference, Palm announced that new
version of the Palm operating system would no longer include any
desktop-based sync software for the Mac. This of course leaves devoted
Mac-based Palm users with dramatically fewer options.

By visiting PalmUptrade.com, Mac-based Palm users can get a rebate from HP
for upgrading their old Palm to a new HP iPaq Pocket PC. In addition, they
can also receive a coupon towards the purchase of PocketMac.

“We know how Palm users feel. They’ve been basically dumped by Palm… in
so many words,” Terence Goggin, CTO of Information Appliance Associates
said. “Mac users have come to depend on Palm’s support of the Mac. This
changes things in a big way and now that there is no more advantage to Palm
than other PDAs, we’d like to invite Mac users to try the best in PDAs.
That’s why we wanted to set this up–we’re welcoming Palm users into the
fold of a better PDA.”

Working with Hewlett-Packard, Information Appliance Associates has secured
the right to partner with their “Trade-in/Trade-up” program, allowing users
to save on iPaqs like never before.

What’s more, with PocketMac’s Palm Import Software, existing Palm users can
transport over their crucial Palm Desktop data such as contacts, calendars
and tasks into popular programs like Entourage, iCal & the OS X Address

Jason Fusilier, Program Manager for HP’s Trade-In/Trade-Up program said,
“We’re pleased to be working with PocketMac and their Palm UpTrade
initiative. The Trade-In/Trade-Up program works because computer users get
fair market value for their Palms and they can apply that to the purchase
of HP products, like in this case, the iPaq.”

Palm users looking to upgrade just have to visit the website, select what
Palm model they’re looking to trade-in and they will be set up to receive a
rebate check after purchasing an iPaq and shipping their Palm to HP. At the
same time or after, Palm users can purchase a copy of PocketMac for 61% off
(a savings of $43.00).

Goggin continued, “Palm users will only have to take 20 minutes out of
their day to UpTrade their Palm. Basically, we’re offering users a $43
instant rebate on our software. What’s more with the rebate Palm users get
from HP, they’ll be all set to ‘move up’ to a better PDA with a real Mac
solution–and save a bundle!”

“The Pocket PC is just a better fit for your Mac lifestyle. They’re both
great at the same things. Graphics, multimedia, Music/MP3s, Flash content,
Games, Web browsing, Wireless networking–the very same tasks and
activities that people love to use their Macs for! And, any serious Mac
user will tell you that the handwriting recognition of the Pocket PC is the
first thing to even come close to what Apple’s Newton could do years ago,”
Goggin added.

More information about the Palm UpTrade=81 program can be found at


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