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Atlanta, GA – March 19, 2004 – Cocoa Bootcamp Returns to the Big Nerd
Ranch April 19-23, 2004.

Riding the wave of its ongoing popularity, Cocoa Bootcamp returns April
19-23, 2004. The class is designed to be a rigorous introduction to
the fundamentals of Cocoa Programming, with recent changes made in
November of 2003 to incorporate Xcode IDE and the new bindings
mechanism featured in the newest Panther release of Mac OS X. Xcode
promises to be one of the most important new tools at the disposal of
Mac programmers.

The course covers a comprehensive range of material in five days,
managing to condense the major ideas of Aaron Hillegass’s book “Cocoa
Programming for Mac OS X,” into the backbone of the bootcamp. Students
who attend the class receive an edited draft of the second edition of
the book, which is the primary textbook for the course. Past students
laud the book as providing both the framework for mastering the
material, and also serving as a valuable reference book for students
applying their knowledge to their own applications.

Dave Mark, Editor-in-Chief of “MacTech Magazine,” attended the November
course and said about the class, “I spent a week at Big Nerd Ranch. An
amazing amount of material, crammed into way too little time. Yet
somehow it all worked. I came away remembering much of what was taught,
but more importantly, I had enough resource material to recreate
anything I’d forgotten. A tremendously effective way to learn Cocoa.”

Reflecting the flexibility of Big Nerd Ranch classes and the company’s
emphasis on making the courses work for the student, the course is
designed to be fluid enough to accommodate student needs and interests,
while still managing to cover such core subjects as Interface Builder,
frameworks and design patterns. Students work on writing sample
applications to test their knowledge so that by the end of the five
days, they are armed with the tools they need to put their teaching
into practice.

For the complete syllabus, please visit

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive training classes for Unix and
Mac OS X programmers in a retreat setting outside Atlanta, GA. Class
price of $3500 includes lodging, all meals, original instruction
materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation to and from the
Atlanta airport. Students are encouraged to bring independent projects
to class, allowing for input from classmates and individual instructor
attention. For more information, call 678-595-6773 or visit