News Release

(CA-AQUEOUS-SOFTWARE-LLC) ScrapX 1.3 Released.

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(AQUEOUS-SOFTWARE-LLC)–March 9, 2004–
Aqueous Software LLC is pleased to announce the release of ScrapX 1.3, an
update to the shareware scrapbook utility built for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
ScrapX stores, displays, plays, and dispenses content that can be copied
and pasted or drag-and-dropped among Mac OS X and classic Mac OS
applications, or that is imported from classic Mac OS scrapbooks including
those created with ScrapIt. (“ScrapX” is pronounced “scrap-eks.”)

New features in ScrapX 1.3 include:

* Undo and redo. Essentially an unlimited number of steps is undoable.

* Rich text editing. The types HTML, RTF, URL, and plain text can be
edited, and new items with these types can be created.

* Text selection. A portion of text content in the types HTML, RTFD, RTF,
URL, and plain text can be copied and pasted or drag-and-dropped to another

* Text item creation. A text item can be created within ScrapX. In
addition, a text type can be added if an item has none.

* Image zoom. In the Combined and Item views, images can be viewed at 25%
to 400% of actual size, or at a level that fits the window.

* Checkboxes. Each item has a checkbox that can be used as a search and
sort criterion, and for selecting items for slideshows.

* Slideshow view. Items except movies and sounds, or just checked items,
can be displayed in a slideshow view. Items advance under timed or manual

* Saved display settings. Several “display settings” (for example, the
item being viewed or the zoom level) are saved and can be reloaded when a
scrapbook is opened. So, others can see your scrapbooks as you want them
to be seen.

* URLs can be opened just by clicking on the “Open URL” tool (globe icon)
in the tool strip of each item. And, if an item does not include a web URL
type, one can be added.

* Text in the PDF type can be included in search and sort criteria when
running under Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

* An “About This Scrapbook” panel allows annotating a scrapbook with
“Subject” and “Comments,” and automatically summarizes information like
number of items, scrapbook creation date, etc.

Content of ScrapX scrapbooks can be text, images, movies, or sounds. It
can be displayed in four “views” if it is in one of the supported data
formats, but content with unsupported types-or even no supported types-also
can be placed in and dispensed from ScrapX. Content can include Adobe
Illustrator images and FileMaker objects. ScrapX 1.3 is localized in
English and French.

For complete details and to download ScrapX 1.3 please go to .

ScrapX is shareware. The trial form may be used at no cost for up to
thirty (30) days. A Registration Key that removes shareware limitations
can be purchased for individual, family, multi-computer, and educational
use. License fees start at $20, but through March 25 half-off
introductory prices apply. Registration keys purchased for earlier
versions of ScrapX are valid with v1.3.