WiebeTech has announced that it is now shipping G5Jam in a configuration which allows dealers and end users to add their own drives. The new configuration, with a part number of G5J-0, is priced at US$499.95 and includes everything required to add drive storage inside a Power Mac G5. G5Jam allows a user to install two additional drives inside a G5, for a total of 4 internal drives. Included accessories with the G5Jam are a new cooling baffle plate constructed from mirror aluminum, a Serial ATA host card (one PCI slot required), and the necessary cables. Configurations are available without drives, and also with either 2 or 4 additional Serial ATA drives. They are as follows: G5Jam/drives not included ($499.95), G5Jam/320GB ($899.95), G5Jam/500GB ($1299.95), G5Jam/640GB ($1399.95), and G5Jam/1 Terabyte ($2199.95).