Xitel Pty Ltd., a provider of digital audio technology solutions, today announced the release of its Ground Loop Isolator, which is designed specifically to stop the ground loop hum that can result from connecting computers to home stereo equipment. “As the trend towards more and more consumers playing digital audio from their computers through their home stereo systems continue, many are discovering an annoying hum in their speakers. The most likely cause of this hum is not their PC or home stereo, but a ground loop in their home or apartment mains power wiring, which can occur through differences in resistance in the electrical system. When a computer or audio component is connected to a stereo, a path is provided for electricity to flow from one wall socket to another as the electrical system tries to balance itself, causing the amplifier to generate noise, which is heard through the speakers as annoying hum.” Xitel’s new Ground Loop Isolator, which is priced at US$29.95, works by breaking the earth between a computer and stereo to ensure no ground path exists for current from an electrical imbalance to flow.