WiebeTech Introduces New Versions of FireWire 800 Forensic Field Kit

WICHITA, KS – February 25, 2004 – WiebeTech has introduced two new versions
of its Forensic Field KitTM. Included in these kits are high-speed
write-blocked FireWire 400/800/USB2 forensic readers. The complete kits
allow forensic professionals to image 3.5″ IDE and SATA drives in the field
through high-speed FireWire 400 and 800 ports.

Of key importance to Forensic professionals is the speed at which drives
may be hashed or verified. The write-blocked FireWire 800 hardware within
these kits allows drive data processing at a rate of nearly 50MB/sec. This
represents an approximate real world two-fold improvement, or reduction in
time, over other forensic write-blocked devices using older FireWire 400
technology. In Law Enforcement search warrant situations, this time can be
critical to successful seizure of digital evidence, since time on site is
substantially reduced.

In addition, a key benefit is that WiebeTech’s write-blocked devices will
work perfectly within operating system environments that may cause problems
for competitive solutions. For example, imaging is easily accomplished on
Windows 2000 systems even when mounting NTFS drives.

The Forensic Field Kit 4 contains the following: Forensic ComboDockTM,
Regular ComboDockTM, SATA adapter for ComboDock, Forensic Notebook
DriveDockTM, Regular Notebook DriveDockTM, PCMCIA FireWire 400 adapter, AC
adapter, and a variety of FireWire and USB cables. All of this is packaged
within a sturdy Pelican 1500 case.

The Forensic Field Kit 5 contains everything from Forensic Field Kit 4, but
is larger and allows space for an additional 15 hard drives, 9 of which may
be 3.5=94 hard drives and 6 of which may be 2.5=94 notebook drives. Drives =
not included. This allows the professional to arrive on site with a
complete selection of drives to use or to store.

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Forensic Field Kit Five // FFK-5 // $1699.95 // Stock

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