iMsafe 2: Backup for Mac OS X

Belgium, February 23, 2004. SweetCocoa today announced the public beta of
iMsafe 2, the popular backup tool for Mac OS X. iMsafe 2 is completely
rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced
functionality in Mac OS X 10.3. “We want iMsafe to become the best backup
tool for Mac OS X”, said Catheleyne D’hondt, PR manager at SweetCocoa.
“Therefore, we are releasing iMsafe 2 as a fully functional public beta to
get as much feedback as possible from the Mac OS X community.”

iMsafe can backup to USB and FireWire HDs, iPods, Pendrives and to remote
Macs on the network. With iMsafe you can run incremental backups, featuring
the possibility to transfer only the differences in the files at both
sides, while file permissions, modification dates and all other file
attributes are preserved. When scheduling a backup to another Mac on the
network, iMsafe can automatically connect to that Mac before starting the
backup. The dock icon will inform you about your backup status. A detailed
backup report is automatically saved for every backup task, making it easy
to keep track of backups. iMsafe is entirely made using Cocoa, Apple’s
advanced application framework, and that is very visible, even for end
users. By leveraging Cocoa, iMsafe really looks and feels like a native
Panther application, including dock icon feedback and a fully customizable

“Even if you tested iMsafe 1.x in the past, we’d encourage you to give this
new version a try” said D’hondt. “And if you happen to have comments or
suggestions, you can use the built-in feedback mechanism.” For more
information about iMsafe 2, visit the SweetCocoa website at:
or download iMsafe 2 PB directly at: The public beta runs
only on Panther and expires on May 1st.