Neon Software Unveils LANsurveyor 8.0 for Macintosh

Proven Network Management Software Now Includes Port Mapping, Panther
Support, and Improved Asset Management

LAFAYETTE, CA – February 12, 2004 – Neon Software, Inc. announced today the
immediate availability of LANsurveyor version 8 for the Macintosh.
LANsurveyor helps network administrators and IT managers diagram their
networks, monitor key network components, remotely manage systems, solve
network problems, and create network and desktop asset reports.

LANsurveyor 8 reduces administration costs and provides an even more
comprehensive, port level view of your network while remaining extremely
easy to use. LANsurveyor 8’s ability to diagram and report on managed
switch and hub port connectivity saves administrators considerable time
when searching network nodes. Other new features include support for Mac OS
X version 10.3 (“Panther”), multiple SNMP community strings, and improved
asset management with the Neon Responder client. (The client is not
necessary for a complete map with port information.)

“I can’t even imagine trying to manage a network without LANsurveyor,” said
Gary Heinonen, IT director, PriceWeber Marketing. “The new switch port
mapping feature makes our network diagram even more valuable since we can
automatically determine exactly which switch port a computer is connected
to without any extra effort.”

LANsurveyor is easy to configure and operate and is used by small- to
medium-sized organizations as well as organizations with thousands of
network nodes. Unlike expensive solutions that require extensive training
or a team of consultants to master and install, LANsurveyor is inexpensive,
installs quickly and easily, and scales to meet customer requirements.

New Features in LANsurveyor 8.0

LANsurveyor 8 includes productivity enhancing new features designed to
provide even better network maps and documentation. Highlights include:

Diagram and Report Managed Switch/Hub Ports
LANsurveyor network maps now completely document managed switches and hubs
and map port connectivity to network nodes. The new diagrams can save
administrators hours of network troubleshooting, directly pinpointing node
connectivity. In addition, a new Switch/Hub Port Report provides a list of
all managed switches and hubs and lists the port number, Ethernet address,
IP addresses, MAC addresses and node name for each connected device.

Improved Asset Management Capabilities
Both hardware and software asset management features are greatly enhanced.
A new Hardware Inventory report is available. Additional tracked hardware
assets include PCI cards, multiple CPUs, and complete disk and volume
information. Software asset management has been improved, with more
descriptive and detailed information included about software installed.

Panther Support
LANsurveyor 8 has been updated to fully support Mac OS X version 10.3

Enhanced Neon Responder
Software distribution functionality has been greatly enhanced in this
release. StuffIt=AE .sit archives distributed using the new Neon Responder
version 5 (included with
LANsurveyor 8) automatically decompress, making software and data
distribution faster and more flexible.

Multiple SNMP Community String Support
Network managers often use different SNMP Community Strings to limit access
to their network devices. Now administrators can draw maps and manage
devices using up to 10 different SNMP Community Strings.

Availability and Pricing

LANsurveyor 8 is now available from Neon Software resellers, distributors,
and the Neon Software web site at There are three versions of
LANsurveyor. All include licenses for Neon Responders, the client software
used for asset management, reporting, and management:

LANsurveyor Management Station – US$495
(includes 20 Neon Responders)

LANsurveyor Workgroup Edition – US$995
(includes 100 Neon Responders)

LANsurveyor Enterprise Edition – US$9,995
(includes unlimited Responders)

Additional Neon Responder Clients are also available separately in packs of
25, 50, 100, and 500.

About Neon Software

Neon Software ( has focused on creating easy to use and
cost-effective network management solutions since 1989. In addition to
LANsurveyor, Neon Software publishes the award-winning CyberGauge and
NetMinder Ethernet software. CyberGauge uses SNMP to monitor and chart
bandwidth in real-time and produce daily, weekly, and monthly Quality of
Service (QoS) and billing reports. NetMinder Ethernet captures and decodes
packet data as it moves through the network, quickly pinpointing security
issues and network problems.