J2S is pleased to announce the release of J2STask 1.0, a task manager for
image workflow on MacOS X.

Aimed at professionals, J2STask is a robot used to batch process images: it
scans a local or ftp source folder at regular intervals and processes the
files it contains according to the task settings. The files are then sent to
one or two target folders.

Combined with J2SProfiler, an IPTC profile editor, J2STask is also used to
route documents according to the IPTC data they contain i.e. if the IPTC
caption of a file does not comply with the defined IPTC profile, it will be
moved to an “Error” folder instead of being forwarded to the target folder.

J2STask can accomplish the following operations:
– Rotate (all files or according to Exif data),
– Set file resolution,
– Downsize the pictures,
– Apply a mark (insertion of a picture in the files – cf. watermark),
– Apply an IPTC profile, to make sure the files are properly captioned for
– Convert files to TIFF or JPEG and optionally recompress the files,

J2S will add other processes as they are required by customers.

J2STask runs on MacOS X 10.2 min.

Supported file formats: JPEG, TIF, PSD, EPSF, native IPTC
Supported Meta-data: IPTC.

The J2STask demo version is limited to the edition of 70 files.

A more detailed presentation, the user manual and a demo version can be
found on J2S web site at