(January 7, 2004) Announcing the release of X Overload v2.1

X Overload is an application with a collection of useful utilities that
lets you manage and maintain your Mac OS X and classic system folder. Here
are some of the key things you can do with X Overload.

* Manage items in Mac OS X. Allows you to manage Contextual Menu Items,
Fonts, Preference files, Preference Panes, Services, Screen Savers located
in the library folders in Mac OS X.

* Manage items in Classic System folder. Allows you to manage Apple Menu
Items, Contextual Menu Items, Control Panels, Control Strips Modules,
Extensions, Fonts, Startup Items, Internet Plug-ins located inside Classic
system folder. You can also search or browse the database for error codes.

* Delete unnecessary localization language files. Delete localization
language files that you do not need to save hard disk space. You can easily
save 100 to 200MB in disk space.

X Overload is distribute as shareware. The shareware fee cost USD20 per
year. User will enjoy all the free update within the registered year.
Subsequent year cost USD10.00.

Version History
Version 2.1, Released Jan 7, 2004
* Added new Browser Cache delete feature
* New Serial numbers where not working right. Works now.
* Fixed problem with Classic Font view not allowing user to sort on the
Kind column
* Updated files database

The official homepage for X Overload is

The direct download link is