APconnections Releases the Netequalizer, Allowing Professionals, ISPs,
Schools and Gamers to Better Control Internet Bandwidth Usage

LAFAYETTE, Colo., Jan. 6, 2004 — Bandwidth control, or the fair sharing of
internet bandwidth, has become increasingly important any place where
multiple users share a common internet access point. Without some form of
bandwidth control, one or two heavy users can easily slow everybody else’s
connection down, thus reducing the high speed experience to a frustrating
dial-up deja vu.

The model followed by APconnections to bring their products out, has been
somewhat unconventional.

APconnections is a completely organic company started in a garage on sweat
equity. They have mastered the ability to develop and distribute free
technology for the techie crowd, and then bundle and integrate the same
technology in a professional version for customers who want something ready
to plug in. The Netequalizer and related technologies are currently in use
by more than 1000 users from wireless ISPs, school districts, universities
and home gamers — all with a common need to better control their internet
bandwidth usage.

With venture capital hard to come by, and even when available, often
encumbered with unpalatable strings or a distracting time consuming chase,
APconnections is a throwback to the American Dream of starting an
innovative product company.

Some of the strategies used by APconnections may revolutionize the
technology industry:

1) They incur little or no testing cost for new releases; the open source
community provides an enormous pool of knowledgeable testers, eager to try
out beta releases and actually fix problems rather than complain.

2) Marketing is accomplished by giving out portions of useful technology on
free sites. Most users, when asked, will gladly provide a reference to a
commercial customer (sort of like tipping the waiter), thus allowing
APconnections to grow with a minimal marketing budget.

3) The informal, open source commercial partnership helps the economy and
investors by allowing technology to incubate and find its market with very
little investment; no more huge dry wells to be absorbed.

About APconnections (

Based in Lafayette, Colorado, APconnections specializes in developing
technology solutions that optimize critical network bandwidth resources.