AstroAge has announced the Gboard5 and Gboard4 platforms, new products that help make the Power Mac G5 and G4 towers mobile. “Once the Gboard is attached, users can effortlessly move their 40+ lb. tower computer around their workspace to access the rear I/O connectors, the DVD/CD drive tray, or to relocate the system,” the company explains. “The Gboards also add an aesthetic quality to the G5 and G4 towers through stunning work by Dan Harden of Whipsaw, industrial designers of many innovative consumer and computing products.” The AstroAge G4 and G5 mobile platforms are available now for US$99.99 ($109.99 with locking front casters) and $129.99 ($139.99 with locking front casters), respectively. Shipments will begin on January 30.